Harris Moor Finance

Harris Moor Finance is an independent multi-family office committed to servicing affluent individuals/families and/or businesses located globally.

We work to prepare our clients for the future: by connecting raw data and emotional analysis, we are able to establish new family wealth practices for future generations.

The agile and smart structure of Harris Moor Finance enables us to provide both tailor-made and integrated solutions to protect, ensure, grow and preserve the wealth of clients in need of a long-term, trusted working relationship with proven experts.

Harris Moor Finance is extremely committed to advocating for its client’s long-term interests.

In fact, we partner with best-in-class specialists to provide the most unbiased advice services to our clients in the following areas: Integrated Wealth Planning, Investment management, Family Legacy & Governance, Strategic Advisory.

In Switzerland, in order to operate, an independent asset manager must be a member of a self-regulated organization, which in turn is subject to supervision by the FINMA Swiss Financial Market Supervision Authority. Harris Moor Finance Ltd. is a member of the OAD FCT Organismo di Autodisciplina dei Fiduciari del Cantone Ticino.

  • Our Mission and Vision

    Harris Moor Finance stems from the need to protect, ensure, grow and preserve the family’s wealth. We are strongly committed to building long lasting relationships with our clients to ensure that the family legacy lives on with the new generations to come.

    Therefore, our mission is to secure a sound future for families and future generations, as well to ensure that future generations can fully understand the responsibility of their inheritance and how they can properly benefit from it.

    We aim to be one of the leading independent multi-family office in Switzerland, serving wealthy clients/families around the world and offering a boutique-like experience for individuals/families with complex requirements. We strive to advocate for our clients/families’ long-term interests and provide the most unbiased advice services.

  • Why choose Us

    Harris Moor Finance brings dedicated, innovative specialists who have the ability to preserve, ensure, grow and protect the family’s wealth in unpredictable and potentially turbulent markets, such as the ones we live in today. Moreover, protecting the family legacy and ensuring the success of future generations is what Harris Moor Finance is all about.

    With the client’s interests at heart, Harris Moor Finance will always operate with the utmost ethical and professional standards. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients, which are based on shared values and in the understanding of the family culture in order to establish new family wealth practices for future generations.


Planning the appropriate financial services based on the clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Investment management

Creating a balanced investment portfolio based on the risk profile and the needs.

Family Legacy & Governance

Ensuring the family’s culture and values are accurately passed onto new generations.


Advising clients on the best strategies to achieve their business/family goals.

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