• The modern concept of “family office” has its roots in the 19th century when the family of J.P. Morgan founded their own organization to manage the family’s wealth. The term refers to a company that comprehensively supports wealthy individuals and/or families in managing their overall well-being; supporting them in all topics related to their financial and non-financial needs, with the end goal of sustaining the family and their future generation.

    Harris Moor Finance operates as a multi-family office and has the expertise to provide solutions in the area of: integrated wealth planning, investment management, family legacy and governance, and strategic advisory.

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  • Yes, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA granted us in 2022 the license to operate as portfolio managers according to art. 2 para. 1 lit. a FINIG.

  • In order to operate as portfolio(s) managers, you must meet regulatory requirements requested by FINMA. Harris Moor Finance is a license holder because we meet the legal requirements.

  • Yes, we are supervised by the following supervisory organization:

    AOOS – Swiss Corporation for Supervision, Via Landriani 2A, CH-6900 Lugano
    Website: aoos.ch

    In addition, Harris Moor Finance is an active member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAM):

    SAM – Swiss Association of Asset Managers Villa Negroni, Via Morosini 1, CH-6943 Vezia
    Website: vsv-asg.ch

    We adhere to all the SAM’s professional recommendations so that our wealth management mandates comply with the necessary requirements imposed by the Federal Act on Financial Services (FinSA) and the relevant Ordinance on Financial Services (FinSO).

    Finally, Harris Moor Finance is affiliated to Ombud Finance Switzerland (OFS), which provides our clients with dispute resolution services according to the FinSA.

    OFS – Ombud Finance Switzerland Rue du Conseil Général 10, CH-1205 Geneva
    Website: ombudfinance.ch

  • As external wealth managers, we manage bankable assets on your behalf without having such assets in custody. These are deposited in accounts under your name with a well-capitalized Swiss custody bank or with several banks of your choosing.
    In full compliance with the Swiss Code of Ethics and in accordance with you, we operate through an administrative power of attorney limited solely to managing your portfolio(s) and not to disburse or transfer funds.

  • No, we are not by any means. This allows us to operate independently.

    We can provide continuity in service provision with the flexibility to adapt to custody requirements changes. Our services are comprehensive and tailor-made on the clients’ needs. Thus, not restricted to standardization.

    As part of our services, clients can benefit from previously negotiated special conditions on:
    – Bank fees
    – Mortgage rates
    – Legal and fiscal fees

  • No, we do not receive kickbacks and we do not have any kind of commissions.

    Indirect compensations such as these are contrary to our fundamental values as these would lead to a conflict of interest between ourselves and our clients.

    This decision has also been communicated to FINMA and confirmed by the supervisory’s organization, AOOS, who is in charge of verifying its truthfulness.

  • We are long-term investors and we have nothing to do with trading. Nevertheless, this does not mean that we adopt a buy-and-hold strategy, but rather that we are buy-and-sell investors.

    Just because we have opened a position in a certain security does not imply that it will be held in the portfolio forever. We constantly monitor our positions to make sure that each one provides us with an adequate risk-adjusted return. If this is not the case, the position is sold respecting the best execution for clients. We do not, in fact, have any incentives to make more trades than are necessary.

  • Yes, we certainly can. Some of our existing clients already require us to avoid certain areas for ethical reasons or specific companies because they are corporate insiders and we easily accommodate their requests.

    In contrast to large financial institutions that provide standardized strategies, we create customized investment mandates according to the requests of our clients who can, during the onboarding phase, decide the constraints to be met. Finally, Compliance is responsible for monitoring that the required conditions are met on a weekly basis.

  • Harris Moor Finance partners with top legal and tax professionals. Thus, when needed, we are able to work with our partners and give you sound advice. However, we do not offer the service in house.

  • Harris Moor Finance’s team speaks English and Italian fluently and is able to assist clients in French.

  • Continuous education is very important at Harris Moor Finance. Thus, all our members actively participate in continuous learning programs to deepen and broaden their knowledge.

  • There can be many reasons why someone would need a family office, the main one being that you should prepare for the future and secure your wealth for you and your future generations.

    Financial Benefits include:
    – Customization of mandates;
    – Lower costs;
    – Higher probability of meeting financial goals through better knowledge of the clients’ needs.

    Non-financial benefits include:
    – Centralized support of the generational transitions;
    – Single-point of contact;
    – Having your own trusted team to handle a wide range of services;
    – Efficiencies across family’s breadth of assets and activities;
    – Privacy, discretion and relationship continuity.

  • Harris was a highly ethical and successful businessman who shaped the way our founder and CEO saw business and the world. He has played an important part in his life and has acted as a mentor for many people with whom he crossed paths with. To remember this special person, we have impersonated him into our brand as a reminder of those intrinsic values and what we, at Harris Moor Finance, stand for.
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  • With the client’s interests at heart, Harris Moor Finance always operates with the utmost ethical and professional standards. Our priority is to skillfully guard the family’s wealth and build long lasting relationships with our clients, which are based on shared values.