Our beginning

Our beginning

Harris Moor Finance

Everything started by chance, while vacationing in the United States. I was sitting outside on the deck, looking at the view of the ocean; lost in my thoughts. That’s when he approached me with a strong handshake and started talking to me. It didn’t take long and we were exchanging many words on our personal journeys as well as our different points of view.

It struck me how easy it was to talk to him and at the same time how captivated I was by his life experiences. In fact, I wanted to know more about him. And that’s when our special bond started.

It was like time had stopped: only the two of us, the beautiful view of the ocean, a glass of rum and our stories. Many of these stories were filled with hard work and passion for finance. In fact, he worked on Wall Street in the Sixties.

I was happy to listen to him and to be able to confront myself with someone who, like me, brought his values and beliefs in his way of doing business.

harris moor finance everything
harris moor finance everything started

Moreover, his experiences also gave him insights that he shared with me, which I am honored to have received and that I cherish.

I also appreciated how candid he was in telling me the hardships of this job. His knowledge and vision have helped me better understand where this sector is headed, along with its challenges and advancements.

Thus, this person had a strong impact on me and I want to keep his memory alive by making him part of our business – as a reminder of those “once in a lifetime” kind of encounters that end up shaping our future in ways that we couldn’t have imagined otherwise.

This is to you: Harris.


Planning tailored solutions to secure the family’s wealth based on the client’s needs and goals.


Creating a customized investment portfolio according to the risk profile and needs of the client.

Family Legacy & Governance

Ensuring that heritage, culture and family values are passed down to future generations.


Advising clients on the best strategies to achieve their private and/or corporate goals.

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