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We will create your customized solution that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Harris Moor Finance provides a toolbox of four main solutions that integrated with each other unleashes the full potential of our knowledge. In fact, the agile and smart structure and the proven knowledge of our professionals, enables us to provide both tailor-made and integrated solutions to protect, grow and preserve the wealth of our clients in need of a long-term, trusted working relationship.

Thinking holistically helps us dive into the needs and aspirations of our clients, allowing us to provide the following services that create tailored made solutions specific to the clients’ needs and wants because skillfully guarding our clients’ wealth is our priority.

Integrated wealth planning services

Financial planning and asset analysis
  • Assessment and development of the General, current and future financial situation;
  • Preparation of financial plans with long-term horizon based on specific objectives that include relevant aspects such as liquidity needs, succession, taxation, as well as the investment component;
  • Possibility to include in the financial plan the innovative Goals-Based Investing model (GBI);
  • Simulations of future scenarios by means of the Monte Carlo model and analysis of results.
Budget management and lifestyle
  • Budget services including: capital analysis, Cash outflow analysis in the short and medium-term, and analysis of long-term goals.

Investment management services

  • Determination of investment objectives and philosophy (values) of the family;
  • Assessment of risk profiles and investment horizons;
  • Classic discretionary mandates with the possibility of customization of asset allocation and portfolio construction;
  • Discretionary mandates based on the Goals-based Investing method with high customization of asset allocation and portfolio construction;
  • Support in banking relationships;
  • Cash management for family use;
  • Conduct due diligence on investments and external managers.

Family legacy and governance services

Estate planning and transfer of family assets
  • Understanding of the culture, values and family communication style;
  • Definition and preparation of a statute family in order to:
    • Formalize the mission, goals and values of the family;
    • Define the roles and responsibilities of the members and non-members of the family;
    • Define the guidelines and procedures that are in line with the values and goals of the family;
    • Determine the processes aimed at the resolution of any family disputes.
  • Plan for continuity in the event of unforeseen disruptions in the family’s leadership;
  • Family assessment based on the SWOT analysis;
  • Coordination of councils and meetings of the family;
  • Asset protection, analysis of the transfer of assets and planning related management of any type of asset and source of income;
  • Customized services for the legal division of the inheritance and respective administration;
  • Professional assistance concerning the family governance;
  • Professional assistance with respect to the transfer of family wealth to future generations.
Philanthropic management
  • Philanthropic planning;
  • Establishment and administration of charitable organizations;
  • Support in planning a strategy giving;
  • Consulting on the technical and operational management of charitable organizations;
  • Establishment of grant-making foundations and trusts;
  • Organization of charitable activities and related due diligence operations.
Reporting and accountability
  • Consolidated reporting of all assets and property owned by the family;
  • Consolidated performance reporting;
  • Annual performance-related reporting.

Strategic advisory services

Legal and tax advice
    • Analysis and preparation of specific tax plans for the family;
    • Investment design and strategies for estate planning that consider income from investment and non-investment activities, and the related tax implications;
    • Audits inherent in the tax compliance of each area of the family;
    • Processing and transmission of the tax returns;
    • Professional assistance concerning:
      • preparation of inheritance contracts.

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