Areas of expertise

Harris Moor Finance offers personalized services in the following areas:

  • Financial planning and wealth overview

    • Evaluation and preparation of the overall current and future financial situation.

    Estate and wealth transfer planning

    • Wealth protection, transfer analysis, and planning related to the management of all types of assets and income sources.
    • Customization services for estate settlement and administration.
    • Professional guidance on family governance.
    • Professional guidance regarding wealth transfer to future generations.

    Life management and budgeting

    • Budget services, including wealth reviews, analysis of short and medium-term liquidity requirements, and long-term objectives.
    • Management and administration of properties, private jets, etc.
          • Understanding the family culture, values and communication style.
          • Determining the investment objectives and philosophy (values) of the family.
          • Evaluating risk profiles and investment horizons.
          • Customizing asset allocation and portfolio construction – deciding on the mix between capital market and non -capital market investments.
          • Supporting banking relationships.
          • Managing liquidity for the family.
          • Providing due diligence on investments and external managers.
          • Discretionary mandates.
  • Succession planning

    • Adoption of a family charter to:
      • Formalize the structure, mission of the family business.
      • Define roles, responsibilities of family and non-family members.
      • Develop policies, procedures in line with family values, goals.
      • Determine processes to resolve critical business-related family disputes.
    • Continuity planning related to unanticipated disruptions in family leadership.
    • Family evaluation based on the SWOT’s analysis.
    • Re-evaluation of the family board regarding the roles of non-family directors.
    • Development of knowledge-sharing and training programs.
    • Implementation of intergenerational estate transfer plans.

    Philanthropic management

    • Philanthropic planning.
    • Establishment and administration of charitable institutions.
    • Guidance in planning a donation strategy.
    • Advice on the technical and operational management of charities.
    • Formation of grant-making foundations and trusts.
    • Organizing charitable activities and related due diligence.

    Training and education

    • Organizing family meetings.
    • Ensuring family education commitments.
    • Coordination of generational education with outside advisers.

    Reporting and Record Keeping

    • Consolidate and reporting all family assets.
    • Consolidate performance reporting.
    • Benchmark analysis.
    • Annual performance reporting.
    • Tax preparation and reporting.

    Administrative services

    • Support on general legal issues.
    • Payment of invoices, taxes and arranging tax compliance.
    • Bill payment and review of expenses for authorization.
    • Opening bank accounts.
    • Bank statement reconciliation.
    • Legal referrals and management of legal firms.
    • Compliance and control management.
  • Real Estate Financing

    • Credit advice.
    • Review of existing financing structures.
    • Property appraisals.
    • Negotiation of the best conditions with our partners (highly competitive mortgages interest rates).
    • Tax issues support.
    • Legal assistance.

    Tax and legal advisory

    • Construct a tax plan to best suit the family.
    • Design investment and estate planning strategies that take into account both investment and non-investment income sources and their tax implications.
    • Ensure that all parts of the family office are tax compliant.

    Business and financial advisory

    • Mergers and acquisitions.
    • Business development.
    • Company valuation.
    • Company foundation, restructuring, reorganization.
    • Private equity.
    • Structured financing.
    • Relocation.
    • Business succession.

    Risk management and insurance

    • Risk analysis, measurement and reporting.
    • Assessment of insurance requirements, policy acquisition and monitoring.
    • Evaluation of existing policies and titling of assets.
    • Evaluation of security options for clients and property.
    • Protection of assets, which could involve the use of offshore accounts.
    • Development of strategies to ensure hedging of concentrated investment positions.

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