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Our solutions are designed to prepare our clients for the future.

Harris Moor Finance’s agile and intelligent structure and the proven knowledge of our professionals, enables us to provide tailored and integrated solutions to skillfully protect, secure, grow, and preserve the assets of our clients who are in need of a long-term, trusted relationship.

By collaborating with leading specialists in the field, we offer the opportunity to our clients to benefit from the best services in the areas of:

  • integrated wealth & estate planning;
  • investment management;
  • family succession and governance;
  • strategic consulting.


Our toolbox consists of four macro solutions where each individual solution can be used on its own, but performance is maximized when each solution integrates seamlessly into the other.

Thus, creating a holistic view of our clients’ needs and goals. Solutions can be integrated from the beginning, or with time and trust, others are added with the end goal of bringing security and stability to the family.

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