Planning the appropriate financial services based on the clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Harris Moor Finance holistically evaluates each client/family’s wealth and life situation by incorporating personal/family and business goals with a desire to leave a lasting legacy, resulting in a comprehensive integrated and effective wealth plan. Plans are tailored to each client/family’s circumstances and are adapted as life changes.

It is vital to develop an integrated wealth plan in order to achieve the previously discussed and documented client/family’s goals.

Such a strategic planning enables the alignment with the investment strategy and overall wealth management approach with medium long-term financial, family legacy and philanthropic goals, which can include the following: family strategy, estate planning, family business sale, tax-planning strategies, income needs planning, investment strategy, liquidity needs, risk mitigations strategies, gifting and philanthropic considerations.

For some the main objective might be to retire and enjoy life, free from duties and responsibilities. For others, it might be to have peace of mind in knowing they have provided for themselves, their families and generations to come. Or perhaps someone would also like to pass on the family business to ensure the family legacy lives on.

Whatever client’s wishes, Harris Moor Finance will recommend strategies that aim to preserve and grow wealth while helping clients prepare for the future and assessing legacy goals for future generations.


Creating a balanced investment portfolio based on the risk profile and the needs.

Harris Moor Finance helps clients achieve their investment goals by offering unique expertise and sound advice.

Through our rigorous Investment Process, we take the time to develop an individually tailored portfolio and plan – one that incorporates a full knowledge of the client’s financial goals and resources, ensuring that their assets are most tax-effectively structured and managed, and that they have access to the best investment professionals in the field.

Our process foresees the following steps:

  • By utilizing both third-party psychometric questionnaires and Investment Policy Statements, we are able to deeply understand the clients’ return objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements and any other unique constraints.

  • We review the clients’ current portfolio and overall approach as it compares to their specific risk tolerance and objectives. We also assess the current tax optimization of the clients’ portfolio, leveraging on qualified tax experts and professionals.

  • We develop a tailored approach for each asset allocation strategy, which is based on the collection of crucial client information, our understanding of the economic environment, financial markets and financial instruments.

    This customized approach ensures that a risk-return portfolio can be designed to meet the client’s objectives in the most precise way and takes into consideration the appropriate jurisdictions in order to achieve the most tax efficient results for the family’s net worth.

    The information is then integrated into the Investment Policy Statement; the fundamental framework needed for all future investment decisions based on the family’s wealth plan.

  • We constantly monitor and review our clients’ portfolio to ensure the agreed-upon objectives and Investment Policy Statement are being implemented effectively.

    Any changes that arise within the family, or financial markets, are immediately evaluated and discussed. If any adjustments are required, the portfolio is changed in accordance with the family’s wishes.

  • As market and economic conditions change, or as new investment goals are identified, portfolio shifts and tilts within the clients’ strategic framework will be discussed as deemed necessary or opportune – all in accordance with effective and timely communication.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or have inherited the family legacy, Harris Moor Finance is here to help manage your wealth and to implement the best investment strategies to protect, grow, ensure and preserve your assets according to your integrated wealth plan (family strategy).


Ensuring the family’s culture and values are accurately passed onto new generations.

Family legacy is key to preserving a family’s wealth and carries the name through time. It is also one of the most complex aspects to take into consideration.

Developing an effective approach to pass private and business wealth from generation to generation is often challenging. Sometimes the most difficult aspect of legacy planning is knowing when and how to integrate the younger generation. Harris Moor Finance helps families with two very crucial tasks in order to achieve a successful family legacy.

The first critical piece of information needed is the family’s mission statement. This document is at the heart of the family. It pronounces the purpose of the Family and the wealth it is stewarding through multiple generations.

The Statement is unique and incorporates values, goals as well as objectives, which the family stands by and wishes to pass on to future generations. It’s the product of focused reflection, discussion and deliberation across family stakeholders.

The second critical piece required is the family’s Governance Statement, which ensures that all values and goals stated in the family mission statement are reflected in the way family decisions are made to best preserve the family’s wealth.

Governance requires the establishment of guidelines that set out how the family functions. These guidelines outline conventions to address transition, communication, estate planning, philanthropic, and dispute resolution issues. Moreover, governance requires the execution and monitoring of the defined policies.

Harris Moor Finance also provides philanthropic services aiming at assisting wealthy families sharpen their strategic focus, leveraging the impact of their giving, and measuring the effectiveness of their philanthropic gifts. Harris Moor Finance can work with you to set up a charitable foundation, or a planned giving strategy that is aligned with your family’s values and is tax effective.

Whatever your wishes may be, Harris Moor Finance aims to facilitate conversation within your family that encourages open dialog and partnership across generations to shape a successful strategy that will translate your intentions into an actionable and realistic plan for years to come.


Advising clients on the best strategies to achieve their business/family goals.

Complying with tax laws can be challenging for individuals and businesses, especially for those with interests around the world.  At the same time, family-owned businesses often face transition from one stage to the next, which can have a crucial impact on the organization.

Whatever your situation, Harris Moor Finance can be your strategic partner helping across multiple topics from assisting with your tax planning and legal advisory to the development of your company’s organization.

At Harris Moor Finance, tax and legal advisory are geared towards families who want to optimize tax planning in a legitimate way, see their wealth grow, and pass it safely onto future generations.

In order to provide the clients with the best solutions for their financial situations and to respond to the specific needs and objectives, we often work with external experts to offer tailor-made professional advice.

Looking to the future, Harris Moor Finance stays on top of legislative developments, advising on the implications of major election results and keeping the clients ahead of tax changes in different countries.

For a business to thrive, an entrepreneur invests time, energy and passion in developing the business, which also comes with a significant amount of responsibilities.

From fundraising for business development to succession planning, each business life cycle phase sets a number of tough challenges for entrepreneurs, which need to be addressed appropriately.

Harris Moor Finance assists clients in the business helping across every stage of the development of your company organization providing strategic advisory and comprehensive financial services.

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