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Ensuring the family’s culture and values are accurately passed onto new generations.

Family legacy is key to preserving a family’s wealth and carries the name through time.

Developing an effective approach to pass private and business wealth from generation to generation is often challenging. Sometimes the most difficult aspect of legacy planning is knowing when and how to integrate the younger generation.

Harris Moor Finance helps families with two very crucial tasks in order to achieve a successful family legacy:

  • The first critical piece of information needed is the family’s mission statement. This document is at the heart of the family.

    It pronounces the purpose of the Family and the wealth it is stewarding through multiple generations.

    The Statement is unique and incorporates values, goals as well as objectives, which the family stands by and wishes to pass onto future generations.

    It’s the product of focused reflection, discussion and deliberation across family stakeholders.

  • The second critical piece required is the family’s Governance Statement, which ensures that all values and goals stated in the family mission statement are reflected in the way the family decisions are made to best preserve the family’s wealth.

    Governance requires the establishment of guidelines that set out how the family functions.

    These guidelines outline conventions to address transition, communication, estate planning, philanthropic, and dispute resolution issues.

    Moreover, governance requires the execution and monitoring of the defined policies.

Harris Moor Finance also provides philanthropic services aiming at assisting wealthy families sharpen their strategic focus, leveraging the impact of their giving, and measuring the effectiveness of their philanthropic gifts.

Harris Moor Finance works with its clients to set up a charitable foundation, or a planned giving strategy that is aligned with the family’s values and is tax effective.

Shaping wishes into realty 

Harris Moor Finance aims to facilitate conversation within your family that encourages open dialog and partnership across generations to shape a successful strategy that will translate your intentions into an actionable plan.


Planning tailored solutions to secure the family’s wealth based on the client’s needs and goals.


Creating a customized investment portfolio according to the risk profile and needs of the client.

Family Legacy & Governance

Ensuring that heritage, culture and family values are passed down to future generations.


Advising clients on the best strategies to achieve their private and/or corporate goals.

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