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Building on the wealth plan, we can best identify the client’s goals and match an appropriate investment strategy.

Harris Moor Finance helps clients achieve their investment goals by offering unique expertise and sound advice.

We create investment portfolios that can generate optimal returns based on the clients’ specific risk profiles and requirements.

Or, if the innovative Goals-Based Investing (GBI) model is adopted, portfolios are then constructed based on the clients’ specific goals to be achieved.

Through our rigorous Investment Process, we take the time to develop an individually tailored portfolio and investment plan – one that incorporates a full knowledge of the client’s financial goals and resources, ensuring that their assets are most tax-effectively structured and managed, and that they have access to the best investment professionals in the field.

The portfolio construction process begins with the determination of return objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, investment horizon, and any other client- and family-related constraints through the use of specific questionnaires and the definition of investment policy criteria.

In addition, we undertake an analysis of Swiss custodian banks that are considered first-tier and identify the one that best suits the client to allow the best possible execution of the investment service.

In order to provide asset allocation customization in portfolio construction or adjustment, additional information is collected to understand the culture, values, and philosophy of the client and family.

The information is then integrated into the official mandate document that comprehensively defines the investment policy criteria.

This allows us to conduct ad hoc investment research, analyze the economic environment of the financial markets, and, last but not least, select the appropriate financial instruments for the construction of the client’s portfolio.

In this way, any future investment decisions can be made on the basis of the overall picture and what has been established in the family wealth plan.

In case the innovative Goals-Based Investing (GBI) approach is adopted, an efficient ad hoc portfolio will be constructed for each goal the client will have defined in the three macro categories essential, important, and ambitious (as previously discussed in the wealth plan).

Our work does not end with the construction of the portfolio, as we actively monitor and examine the portfolios on an ongoing basis to ensure that the set objectives and investment policy criteria are met.

This monitoring activity also allows us to implement the necessary tactical changes and adjustments if changes occur either in the economy, in the financial markets, or if new investment objectives arise.

Accordingly, the investment strategy and respective portfolio composition, if deemed appropriate, are again discussed with the client through an effective and timely communication.

Our process includes the following steps:

  • By utilizing both third-party psychometric questionnaires and Investment Policy Statements, we are able to deeply understand the clients’ return objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements and any other unique constraints.

  • We review the clients’ current portfolio and overall approach as it compares to their specific risk tolerance and objectives. We also assess the current tax optimization of the clients’ portfolio, leveraging on qualified tax experts and professionals.

  • We develop a tailored approach for each asset allocation strategy, which is based on the collection of crucial client information, our understanding of the economic environment, financial markets and financial instruments.

    This customized approach ensures that a risk-return portfolio can be designed to meet the client’s objectives in the most precise way and takes into consideration the appropriate jurisdictions in order to achieve the most tax efficient results for the family’s net worth.

    The information is then integrated into the Investment Policy Statement; the fundamental framework needed for all future investment decisions based on the family’s wealth plan.

  • We constantly monitor and review our clients’ portfolio to ensure the agreed-upon objectives and Investment Policy Statement are being implemented effectively.

    Any changes that arise within the family, or financial markets, are immediately evaluated and discussed. If any adjustments are required, the portfolio is changed in accordance with the family’s wishes.

  • As market and economic conditions change, or as new investment goals are identified, portfolio shifts and tilts within the clients’ strategic framework will be discussed as deemed necessary or opportune – through an effective and timely communication.


Keeping you en route

Whether you are an entrepreneur or have inherited family wealth, Harris Moor Finance is here to help you build your investment portfolio, charting the best course to achieve your goals.


Planning tailored solutions to secure the family’s wealth based on the client’s needs and goals.


Creating a customized investment portfolio according to the risk profile and needs of the client.

Family Legacy & Governance

Ensuring that heritage, culture and family values are passed down to future generations.


Advising clients on the best strategies to achieve their private and/or corporate goals.

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